Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time Flies

This is the season of anniversaries. Some happy, some sad. We marked the 13th anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life, yesterday. My Addie is now a teenager! I can't imagine how the family functioned 14 years ago before we had our Addie. What a joy! I don't know how a child can have so much attention and spoiling and end up as sweet and giving as she has.

Her birthday will also forever share, however, the anniversary of the worst day of may life. Its sixth anniversary passed without much recognition and that is probably a good thing. Six years have put us in such a different place and I try not to dwell on that period in our lives, partly out of respect for Amy. I do, however, feel we've all learned so much and had such blessings that, someday, there should be a place for us to share that story if it would help others.

This week will be devoted to getting Christmas decorations put away and the house clean(er) before I go back to work. I'm also slipping in some visits to family and friends, some reading, and a couple of movies, not to mention a slumber party for 13 year olds, No really, don't mention it.

May your last week few days of 2008 bring joy and hope.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Once again, my kids’ youth pastor has shown the youth group something at UMY that has made me take a deep a breath and work hard to control my emotions. Not because it is something I don’t want them to see or something that makes me angry. It is the exact the opposite. He has shown them a video that makes them (but mostly me) take a different look at my life and where I spend my time and money. I’m rethinking some priorities. What am I willing to give up? Where am I willing to cut? Which of the millions of needs in the world can I make a difference with? I'm asking you all to watch the video and help me, as we approach 2009, to find a niche to fill.

Thanks, Jason and Robyn, for bringing the video to my attention.