Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Once again, my kids’ youth pastor has shown the youth group something at UMY that has made me take a deep a breath and work hard to control my emotions. Not because it is something I don’t want them to see or something that makes me angry. It is the exact the opposite. He has shown them a video that makes them (but mostly me) take a different look at my life and where I spend my time and money. I’m rethinking some priorities. What am I willing to give up? Where am I willing to cut? Which of the millions of needs in the world can I make a difference with? I'm asking you all to watch the video and help me, as we approach 2009, to find a niche to fill.

Thanks, Jason and Robyn, for bringing the video to my attention.



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Jason said...

I just love things which make us examine the fundamental questions of our "human-ness". Not to get all preachy, but it is my hope that we would all rediscover the CONSPRIACY of Advent. How radical, earth shaking, and paradigm breaking Advent is. What if we all conspired to participate in such an event (the in breaking of God)?