Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do You Like The New Header? My jewelry? Me?

So, please tell me you like the new Glassyeyed logo-header thing! I drew it. I love the colors and spirals. I'm also using it on business cards. I've printed some up and have promised myself that I will go to a couple boutiques today and try to place some of my jewelry on commission. I can't keep spending the amount of money I'm spending on beads and glass just to build a collection of lovely necklaces to hang in my workroom.

I know they are nicer than alot of stuff people buy and wear and I know they are one-of-a-kind and I'm very proud of the work, love and artistry that goes into them, but I still get this pit in my stomach when I think about going out and convincing other people to buy - or even display - them. It is like saying to a total stranger, "Here is the best I can do. Is it good enough?" I've always sought other people's approval more than I should and I'm sure there are 100 psychological explaination for why. I'll leave those as the topic of another post. (Heck, I just read the top of this post. Even in it I'm begging for approval. How pathetic!)

To me, selling my art is a very tangible way to know whether people approve of what is inside me. It is very scary. It's uncomfortable. It makes me...




Jason said...

I like it.

I recently saw this quote and thought of you.

bmullins74 said...

Jo--I love your work. Every piece is unique. If someone doesn't like it, that's their choice, so don't feel bad about every single soul in the universe liking your pieces. Remember that we're all different and like different things. Wouldn't the world be boring if everyone liked the same things?

Christina Loteryman said...

Jo, you're heading is gorgeous and so very like how I picture you. I love what you do. I admire you in many, many ways.