Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Semester is Underway

I've taught my first classes of the semester. The students seemed engaged and interested, for the most part but I'm sure some thought I was just a big, dorky old lady. Unlike teachers who are with students for a whole semester, I have one hour with them to make an impact. I really never know if what I've tried to teach has taken or not. Sometimes, they come by the Reference Desk and thank me, or I see them working from the sources I told them about, but usually, I never know how they did on that research paper or if they found that literary criticism they needed. Educators these days are obsessing on outcome evaluation but it is a very complicated issue with library instruction. My hope is that, occasionally, students I teach will think, "I'll see if I can find a book for that," or "I'll look that up," rather than just blowing off a question or looking it up in Wikipedia. The fact that I so seldom have feedback makes those students who do come back and tell me they got an A on the research paper that much more precious. I wish I'd gone by and told the librarians "Thanks" occasionally at WTSU. Karma, you know.


Jason said...

Is it just the nature of your job or is it the fact you work with kids you do not get feedback? If it makes you feel any better, I get little feedback from youth and I am with them more than once a semester. Those youth whom I do see once a semester I do not think I have ever heard from them. So that may be me, my job, or kids.

In any respect, thank you Jo. You have made an impact on me (although I do not have an "A" paper to show you, mostly because I am a "C+" or "B-" student.)

Sage In Bloom said...

I hear Wikipedia is considering removing the edit feature from the site and making it more substantial.